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CANNON DX35 epoxy dosing unit is quickly emerging in the windblades market

The quality of Cannon Afros equipment is having confirmation by two of the largest windblades makers in the world. Gamesa, the Spanish manufacturer ranked as world''s number 4 producer of wind turbines, and Suzlon, an Indian company holding more than 7 % in the wind turbine''s market share, are investing in Cannon equipment for their production sites. The Spanish company just confirmed a supply order for two Cannon DX35 epoxy resin dosing units and one resin degasser for their Indian plant. The decision follows their positive experience with the other many Cannon machines working at Gamesa sites all around the world. Another confirmation of the quality of our products came when Suzlon selected Cannon to provide six of our Epoxy two-components dosing units for the infusion of their windblades. Beside the necessity for high precision metering and the complete degassing of the resin, it is also fundamental in the wind blades production to ensure perfect glueing between the two half-shells composing the blade itself. To match such an essential requirement, Cannon has among its range of machines the G-System, which fulfills and exceeds the high standard required for this application. Suzlon rewarded Cannon''s efforts and recognized the value of our technology ordering six G-System machines to be delivered by the end of 2015.


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