Caseartecnica Bartoli and the new Widescreen control panels.

caseartecnica bartoli
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CASEARTECNICA Bartoli has adopted for all its machines the new wide-screen control panels to offer its customers a tool with a much better performance than traditional panels.

Widescreen displays in fact offer a reading area much wider, at the same size. Occupying all the space of the screen without leaving gray areas in fact, all the information can be read at the same time and thanks to the increased resolution they lower the maximum eyestrain.

Widescreen is mainly used to indicate a video format that takes up the entire screen horizontally, leaving useless spaces blacks, and offering a higher resolution than traditional monitors. In fact, the spread of high definition in all areas of daily life, the consumer has become accustomed to screens with a wider field of view and higher resolution, which solve many of the problems of reading on screen: difficulty in reading, eye strain, difficulty to see all the information at once.

That's why CASEARTECNICA Bartoli decided to use wide-screen to its machines, to offer a reading tool much more convenient and efficient. The panels of CASEARTECNICA Bartoli also have color and then even more intuitive and easy to use. The icons are instantly recognizable for the operator and quick recipes to read and find the various screens.

A small tool that greatly facilitates life for those who work in contact with our machines.

Caseartecnica Bartoli and the new Widescreen control panels.

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