How to protect yourself from the thermal dangers of an electric arc?

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Electrical hazards can cause electrification (or electrocution) as well as burns with serious injuries or even amputations.

Working on electrical installations exposes you to the risk of an electric arc. The thermal impact of an arc depends not only on the voltage level (LV/HV) but also on the incident electrical energy (cal/cm²). Effective and appropriate personal protective equipment is therefore required. The French NF C18-510 standard (prescription for the prevention of electrical risks) specifies PPE but since 2012 the protections adapted to this risk have evolved and employers must provide the appropriate equipment for the risk.

PPE to consider:

-face and head: face shield or helmet with face shield.

The standard for protection of the eyes, face and head against the thermal hazards of an electric arc is currently being drafted: IEC 62819 (In the meantime, product testing is carried out according to an existing ASTM standard: ASTM F2178).

-Hands: insulating gloves

Standards for hand protection against the thermal hazards of an electric arc are being drafted: IEC 63242-2/IEC 63242-1-1 and IEC 63242-1-2 (pending product testing to an existing ASTM standard ASTM F2675).

-Body: Workwear

The standard for protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc is existing: NF EN 61482-2 (test standards NF EN 61482-1-1 and/or NF EN 61482-1-2)

Protective solutions exist and should be used in order to reduce accidents related to electric burns. Find all CATU solutions against the thermal risks of an electric arc on


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