The Educational Kit ACV

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The Educational Kit Active Control of Vibrations

The Educational Kit ACV (Active control of Vibrations) is a real opportunity for students to discover mechatronics and piezoelectric.

An up to date topic: In the actual industry, a growing number of enquiries deals with mechatronics and particularly Active Control of Vibrations. Stabilization of wafers during lithography process, noise reduction of helicopter blades, elimination of motion blur in optical devices, damping of machine tool vibrations… are few examples of industrial applications.

An innovative set up: The kit contains an original and innovative amplifi ed piezo actuator APA®, patented technology from Cedrat Technologies attached to a mechanical beam. When the beam is externally excited, the vibrations are measured with a precise accelerometer. The control is realized with an industrial driver & controller from Cedrat Technologies using variable PID parameters and additional fi lters. The controller drives the piezo actuator in order to cancel the vibrations of the beam. The result is very visual and impressive!

Made by teachers for students: Developed with CETIM, a centre of excellence in mechanics, SUPMECA and Polytech Annecy-Chambéry, two recognized engineering schools, it fi ts the curricula of many engineering courses, especially the ones in the forefront of mechanics, mechatronics, control systems and industrial data processing. The material is delivered with several practical works from 4 to 8 hours developed by teachers.

It is easy and fast to set up. The treated topics are required know how for engineers: system analysis, PID control, signal post treatment, modal analysis...

Robust Equipment: Similarly to the whole range of products of CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES, the kit is extremely robust. It is well protected against mishandlings which relieves students and teachers when using the material.

ACV Kit - Active Control of Vibrations
ACV Kit - Active Control of Vibrations

ACV Kit - Active Control of Vibrations

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