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GPS Satellite Navigator For Marine

Exprosion proof slip ring for marine application

GPS is the abbreviation of Global Positioning System.

Marine GPS satellite navigator, suitable for fishery, border defense, coastal defense, military, scientific research, marine geophysical exploration, petroleum, meteorology, marine transportation and other industries.Its main functions are: establishing satellite communication links with shipborne equipment through satellites, receiving various on-site information (including images, sounds, voices, data, etc.)transmitted from the shipboard platform and transmitting them to various communication targets through the internet backbone network. at the same time, the various information instructions transmitted by the ground equipment are forwarded to the ship-borne platform related equipment.advanced technology, reliable work, excellent performance, easy operation and wide application. The slip ring is the core component for satellite navigation device. The slip ring can continuously supply and transmit signals while continuously rotating, slip ring help the GPS realize positioning, communication, detection, monitoring.Below we will share with you the technical advantages of one of our explosion-proof slip rings:

1. High explosion-proof level and high waterproof grade, stable and reliable performance.

2. Small size, light weight, compact design,easy to install, easy to maintain.

3. Working humidity 95% RH, can adapt to salt spray, hot and humid environment.

4. Signal and electromagnetic compatibility, no interference, no packet loss.

5. Can support customization

6.In stock availability,fast delivery


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