250 rpm Air Rotary Joint

CENO Electronics
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It's an air rotary joint with single passage, compact, lightweight and corrosion-resistant featuring a stainless steel shaft and aluminum housing. All QCN series models come standard with a male threaded shaft and a female threaded housing for easy mounting. Need to combine fluid with electrical power, signal and data transfer.The QCN series rotary unions are designed to integrate directly with our standard electrical slip rings.Passage media types can use air/gas, chemical, tap water, oil,water.Typical application including automatic equipment,machinery manufacturing ,food processing etc.


Low torque

Smooth rotation

Integrated with power

1Channel for air

Working speed 250 rpm


Food processing

Machinery manufacturing

Automatic equipment

Offshore equipment

Oil well


Air channel

Circuit number

Current rating,signal type

Interface size

250 rpm Air Rotary Joint

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