High transmit performance Ethernet slip ring

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CENO Ethernet slip ring

CENO has been devoted to providing high quality solutions and slip rings for various intelligent automation fields.The ECN025-04P3-05P1-01EG is an economical through hole slip ring with 25.4mm inner bore for Gigabit Ethernet and current mixed transmission.This kind of customized Ethernet slip ring widely used for automatic machine and equipment,we can make 100M Ethernet and 1000M Ethernet slip ring,with stable transmission,no signal crosstalk.The Ethernet slip ring can be combined with electric power,other type of signal,datas,gas,liquid etc.


Power integrated signal

1000M Ethernet signal

High transmit performance

Stable transmission


Turtable equipment

Marine equipment

Radar equipment

Motion control process


Through hole size

Current rating

Signal type

IP protection grade

High transmit performance Ethernet slip ring

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