Rotary electrical joint with inner bore 30mm

CENO Electronics
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CENO through bore rotary joint

A through hole slip ring can be used in any electromechanical system that requires unrestrained.Slip ring is also called a rotary electrical joint,collector,commutator or swivel,slip ring can improve system performance by simplifying operation and eliminating damage prone wires.ECN030-05P provides an economical,readily available solution when a compact through bore configuration is required.This unit provides 30 mm through bore for routing hydraulic or pneumatic lines and a compact 60mm outside diameter for minimal space applications.CENO also can provide other customized solutions according customer’s requirements.


30mm inner diameter

Smooth rotation

High performance

Compact design


Exhibit Display machinery

Military industrial

Rotary index tables

Process control equipment


Through hole size

Current rating

Signal type

IP protection grade

Rotary electrical joint with inner bore 30mm

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