4000rpm high speed slip ring with gold contacts

CENO Electronics
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CENO High speed slip ring

High speed slip ring is a product specially developed to meet high speed serial digital signal or analog signal transmission.CENO high speed slip rings are demand very high accurate tolerances of the rotors, bearing space,high request of the concentricity of the rotors with other related parts.This series of products support high frequency signal transmission,and also support mixed transmission of high frequency signal and control signal,communication signal,power supply,fluid medium.ECN040-08S-GS with inner diameter 40mm and 4 groups K type thermocouple signal,the operating speed from 1000rpm to 4000rpm,Gold to gold contacts material which can meet the service life of 100 million revolutions.


High speed upto 4000rpm

Gold to gold contacts

K thermocouple signal

Smooth running


Test equipment

High-speed railway

High speed roation table

Machinery manufacturing


Circuits number

IP protection grade

Working speed

Signal type & current rating

4000rpm high speed slip ring with gold contacts

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