Radio Frequency coaxial rotary joint with peak power 10KW

CENO Electronics
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CENO RF rotary joint

RCN0118NB is a RF coaxial rotary joint,also named high frequency rotary joint,wave guide rotary joint.The channel coaxial rotary joint is conducive to reducing the size of the structure and processing,conducive to stable rotation.It meets the microwave transmission in a wide frequency band with excellent performance indicators,including the rotating section and the fixed end.RF rotary joint with compact size,and stable rotating performance,lifetime upto 5 million turns.Typical application including radar antennas,research & development,telecommunication networks,military industry.


Anti-interference ability

Compact structure

Connector type NF

Peak power 10KW


High definition network

Satellite communication

Military industry

Radar antennas


Circuits number

Frequency range

Interface type

IP protection grade

Radio Frequency coaxial rotary joint with peak power 10KW

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