Solid bore through rotary electrical joint

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This is a solid bore through bore slip ring,CENO ECN series through bore slip rings can be customized according to customer’s demand,the center hole is available from 0 to 980mm,it’s can pass through the drive shaft,gas-liquid passage,also can integrate high frequency,fiber,encoder,wave guide,gas and liquid and other joints.ECN000-11P-36S with waterproof grade IP65,it’s can working underwater 1000M.CENO can provide different solutions with IP grade upto IP66,IP67,IP68 or more high level.The typical application including measurement instruments,packaging machine,medical equipment etc.Any special request please contact with us,our email address is will provide you with the best solution.


Solid inner bore

Long cable length

Compact structure

Stable transmission


Medical equipment

Radar system

Industry equipment

Food industry


Through hole size

Current & ring numbers

Signal type

IP protection grade

Solid bore through rotary electrical joint

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