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High speed long lifetime high working temperature slip ring

Long lifetime slip ring

Lifespan is an important indicator for choosing slip ring,as frequently replacement of slip rings not only waste time but also increase costs.CENO developed long lifespan slip ring with maintenance free and easy maintenance slip ring,according to the different application with different design concept to fully meet high end market requirement.To avoid traditional conductive slip ring that wear is inevitable,as it adopts closed structure and internal contact type transmission.ECN030-08 with inner diameter 30mm and working speed 2000rpm,contact material gold to gold to make sure the transmission more stable & lifetime more longer,working temperature -20°C~+125°C.It’s widely used for high speed railway,automation machine, machinery manufacturing etc,.


High speed upto 2000rpm

Gold to gold contacts

High working temperature

Longer lifetime


Test equipment

High speed railway

High speed roation table

Machinery manufacturing


Circuits number

IP protection grade

Working speed

Signal type & current rating


  • Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
  • CENO Electronics

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