Servo motor slip ring integrated 3 channels for gas

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Signal / Power Pneumatic/Hydraulic

QCN series rotary unions are designed for air,gas and vacuum use and are ideal for a number of automation and robotic applications.With light weight,compact rotary unions feature an all aluminum alloy construction and two independent flow passages capable of transferring different types of media at the sametime.Stainless steel models are available to prevent corrosion for use with applications requiring water or corrosive media transfer.QCN0304-18P2-16S-01EM including 3 channels for gas (G1/2,pressure -95KPa~0.8MPa).Integrated 10A power,485 signal,servo motor & Ethernet signal .The working speed 0~250 rpm with flange installation way.


Compact design

Servo motor,Ethernet signal

Stable transmission

Flange installation


Injection molding

Food processing

Chemical pharmacy

Rotary tables


Channels number

Pressure size

Signal type

Connector specification

Servo motor slip ring integrated 3 channels for gas

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