Fiber optic rotary joint with vibration shock standard GJB150

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CENO fiber optic rotary joint

Fiber optic rotary joint,also known as fiber optic slip ring,fiber optic rotary connector,optical hinges,etc.This slip ring adopts optical fiber as media for transmitting data,provide the best technical solution for elements of system to transmit data when rotating.It is especially suitable for equipments that require unlimited, continuous or intermittent rotation and transmit large capacity of data and signals from stationary position to rotary position,optical fiber joint include sigell-mode and multimode with diverious channel from signal channel to dozens of channel,also can integrated power & other signals.This kind of integrated slipring gets well performance and various function, then it is widely used in option electric crane.


Working speed 300 rpm

Long lifetime

Smooth rotation,low torque

Stable transmition


Military applications

Radar antennas

Offshore applications

Harsh environments


Channel number

IP protection grade

Fiber optic type

Signal type & current rating

Fiber optic rotary joint with vibration shock standard GJB150

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