CENO fiber optic rotary joint

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Muti-channel fiber optic slip ring

CENO has focused on the rotary interface needs of the energy industries more than 10 years.The fiber optic rotary joints are recognized around the world for innovative performance and reliability in harsh marine environments.FCN0231G-67A with 2 channels to 31 channels fiber optional,IP grade upto IP65.We design for demanding conditions.Rigorous testing of every fiber optic rotary joint is performed in our own environmental testing chambers and the facilities of testing specialists.Standard features,such as connector interfaces that allow for easy replacement of damaged pigtails,are designed to minimize down time.


Fiber channel upto 31

Wavelength 850-1550nm

Easy to integrate power

Maintenance free


Antenna system

Simulator tester

Offshore applications

Marine Winch


Channel number

IP protection grade

Fiber optic type

Connector type

CENO fiber optic rotary joint

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