High current rating slip ring with 200A power

CENO Electronics
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CENO high current slip ring also named carbon brush slip ring

CENO's carbon brush slip ring is also named as large current collector or high power slip ring,which could transmit the current at least on 100A or above.The inner hole size can be customized from 3mm to 980mm. ECN000-07P-17S with solid inner bore,integrated 3 rings 200A,4 rings 30A & communication signal.The working temperature is from -20°C~ +80°C.working speed 0~250rpm.Waterproof grade also can choose from IP65,IP67,IP68 or more higher.The design concept base on the carbon brush working environment to compact the size and provides maintenance window.Any special requirments also can be customized, please contact with our team in anytime.It widely be used in ship machinery,engineering machinery,port machinery,offshore crane,cable reel,propeller,as well as drilling platform etc,.


Long lifetime

Easy maintenance

High working temperature

Current rating 200A


Marine crane

Industry equipment

Offshore equipment

Engineering machinery


Circuit number

Current rating

Protection grade

Signal type

High current rating slip ring with 200A power

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