Pneumatic integrated hydraulic rotary joint

CENO Electronics
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Air channel integrated water channel

This is a pneumatic integrated hydraulic rotary joint,also include power and 1 group 100M Ethernet signal. QCN series rotary unions are designed for air,gas and vacuum use for a number of automation and robotic applications.With light weight,compact rotary unions feature.Stainless steel & aluminium alloy models are available to prevent corrosion for use with applications requiring water or corrosive media transfer.CENO takes its own technical advantages to developed this kind of slip ring,which is more convenient for users in installation and operation.It’s can be integrated with current and signal of different specifications according to specific requirements,and pnuematic or hydraulic rotary union can be selected for different types base on different applications requirement.


Air channel & water channel

100M Ethernet signal

Compact structure

Flange installation


Injection molding

Automation equipment

Chemical pharmacy

Machinery manufacturing


Channels number

Pressure size

Signal type

Connector specification

Pneumatic integrated hydraulic rotary joint

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