Hollow shaft slip ring with 12.7mm inner bore

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A through hole slip ring can be used in any electromechanical system that requires continuous rotation while transferring power and or data.Slip ring is also called a rotary electrical joint,collector,commutator or swivel.Slip ring can improve system performance by simplifying operation and eliminating damage prone wires.ECN012-03P2 provides an economical,readily available solution when a compact through bore configuration is required.This unit provides a 12.7mm through bore for routing hydraulic or pneumatic lines and a compact 56mm outside diameter for minimal space applications.It’s can integrated Ethernet,USB2.0, HDMI,fieldbus signal.CENO can provide other customized solutions according customer’s requirements.


12.7mm inner diameter

Smooth rotation

High performance

0~300 rpm working speed


Packaging machine

Medical equipment

Rotation tab

Process control equipment


Through hole size

Current rating

Signal type

IP protection grade

Hollow shaft slip ring with 12.7mm inner bore

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