Competitively priced customized through bore slip ring

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CENO slip ring manufacturer

In the industry automation processing,it’s need transmission many kinds signals,different data,Ethernet to control the motion of the machinery.we use special design technology,gold to gold contact to make sure the high quality transmission of the data,power,We also can use equipment testing the Ethernet,return loose,insert loose etc performance.To make the production in process more easy and correct.CENO can provide you with different customized slip rings.the center hole is available from 0 to 980mm,it’s used for pass through the drive shaft,gas liquid passage,also can integrate with high frequency,fiber,encoder,wave guide,gas and liquid and other joints.It’s widely used for medical equipment,rotation table,industry machine etc,.


Customized inner bore

High performance

Smooth rotation

Long lifetime


Automotive applications

Military industry

Windpower system

Packaging machine


Through hole size

Current & ring numbers

Signal type

IP protection grade

Competitively priced customized through bore slip ring

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