NEW Bluediamond® GyRok™ technology
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What does it do?

Our dedicated team of engineers looked at offering a new approach to revolutionising existing stagnant pumping principles. In 2014, they spawned ‘GyRok™ technology’, with an unparallel ability to operate efficiently, quietly and reliably in order to remove large quantities of liquid.

Through years of scrutiny in design, development and testing the patented GyRok™ pumping principle was created. It employs an elastomeric conical diaphragm displaced by a number of legs positioned annularly around a nutating drive element. The legs provide control of almost the entire diaphragm, giving outstanding self-priming characteristics. This results in a pump that is whisper quiet, able to tolerate extended periods of dry-running and can be mounted in any orientation in a number of locations.

The technology today can now be found in our new BlueDiamond® MicroBlue™ condensate pump.

NEW Bluediamond® GyRok™ technology

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