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New range of portable 1 kV megohmmeters C.A 65xx

With 6 models (C.A 6522, C.A 6524, C.A 6526,C.A 6532, C.A 6534, C.A 6536), this comprehensive range of insulation and continuity testers covers all your applications in the field.

Intuitive ergonomics

No need to be an expert! All the main measurements and functions are accessible on the instrument’s front panel at the press of a button The backlit LCD screen simultaneously shows the logarithmic bargraph of the insulation measurements, the main display of the numeric values and the secondary measurements.

The rugged rotary selector can be used to choose the measurements performed and the data recorded. Direct access to the TEST button makes it simple to start measuring insulation values. The practical Pass/Fail LED changes colour (red/green) according to the value measured in relation to the alarm thresholds programmed. There is also a special button for compensation of the resistance of the measuring cables.

The remote-control probe, also equipped with a torch function, is a useful accessory specially developed to make insulation testing simpler and quicker in the field. Three of the models include Bluetooth communication.

A complete range of six models to cover every type of use

This new range of insulation testers can be used for continuity measurements at 200 mA / 20 mA with active fuseless protection. Test voltages from 10 V to 1,000 V are available for an insulation measurements up to 200 GΩ.

A locked test mode has been added for easier use. The CAT IV 600 V safety rating ensures hazard-free use in all circumstances. The fact that the measurements comply with the IEC 61557 standard means the measurements produced are reliable and repeatable.

Essential software!

The Megohmmeter Transfer modules of the DataView® software automatically recognizes the instrument when it connects to the PC via Bluetooth and opens the corresponding menu. It gives direct access to the data recorded in the instrument and to its con-figuration. Other functions are also available such as remote activation of tests, real-time graphical display, calculation of the DAR and PI ratios and generation of preformatted measurement reports. These functions boost the productivity of the measurements performed.