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CIFA @ Samoter 2017 – Verona 22-25 February

Adalberto Marcello
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CIFA will be at Samoter 2017 in two areas

CIFA @ Samoter 2017 – Verona 22-25 February

Indoor booth: Hall 4, stand E2-G3

Outdoor booth: Area A, stand 9-10

CIFA continues in the trend already set by its history, keeping innovation, quality and the customer at the centre of its focus. It’s through innovation that CIFA aims to confirm its leadership in the Italian market of concrete machinery.

In 2010 we presented the first truck pumps using carbon fiber for the boom, it was the birth of the CARBOTECH range. In 2013 CIFA introduced the hybrid technology in truck mixers presenting the ENERGYA E9 that has grown into a series of Hybrid machines with the presentation in 2016 of the Shotcrete pump CSSE. The ENERGYA today is a reality on the market. Also in the batching plants CIFA promotes innovation with its DNA series of concrete mixers.

CIFA will be at Samoter 2017 in two areas, one indoor booth of more than 500sqm and one an external area as well

The following machines are to be exhibited during the show:

Truck mounted pumps

CARBOTECH series: K45H (Outdoor area)

CARBOTECH series: K40H (New product presented for the first time at SAMOTER 2017 – The longest pump mounted on 3 axles/26.000kg on the market)

Truck mixers

Model RY1300 (Dedicated specifically to the Italian market) New CSD 2.0 control system presented for the first time at SAMOTER 2017

Truck mixer pumps

Model MK32L - New Easytronic machine management system with LSC and aluminium hose holder presented for the first time at SAMOTER 2017

Batching Plant Mixers

DNA 3.0 – Helicoidal Horizontal Twin Shaft mixer

Moreover another MK32L will be exhibited at SCANIA booth

Cifa confirms its leadership in the Italian market of truck mixers, truck mixer pumps and truck pumps presenting the latest updates for these product categories.

Truck mounted pumps

For the range of vehicle-mounted pumps, CIFA continues with the implementation of the product strategy that emphasizes diversification of the range based on three lines: CARBOTECH, STEELTECH and CLASSIC. Three different configurations to best meet the various needs of each area and each company.

The top of the line is available with the “CARBOTECH” series that includes a range of models with complete configuration even in the standard version, 360° electronics management with control over the pumping unit, stabilisation and operating parameters, distribution arms in carbon fibre to guarantee sturdiness, light weight and less oscillation during the work phases. Extended warranties and a range of “premium” services are included in the “CARBOTECH” range.

The “STEELTECH” series offers the possibility of outfitting a wide range of accessories and optional equipment on the configurable product. With particular attention to the total weight in the European road limits, this is the range with the most models and configuration variations. An extended warranty is available for the “STEELTECH” range.

The “CLASSIC” range includes a reliable, easy-to-service, very standardised product in a standard colour and configuration with no optional equipment or accessories available. The warranty provided is 12 months from delivery. This range is available in a limited number of models in a few selected markets which do not require any diversification of the product configuration.


New model that sets a new market record for the longest boom mountable on 3-axles trucks within 26.000kg of weight. Thanks to the use of carbon fiber for part of the boom, the K40H has a 5-sections-RZ distribution arm with a length of 40meters. The machine is fully equipped with the Smartronic GOLD machine management system including the ASC (Advanced Stability Control – exclusive of CIFA) and a pumping unit 1608 EC with electronic management, 160m3/h of capacity and 80bar of maximum pressure on concrete.


The K45H is the most appreciated model of the CARBOTECH series in Italy and it’s going to be exhibited with its latest updates: the Smartronic GOLD system, comprising the ASC (Advanced Stability Control – exclusive of CIFA) and the electronic management of the pumping unit. A truck pump with a distribution boom of 45 meters of length, 5 sections, widely respecting the 32.000kg limit for 4-axles chassis. The operators can carry plenty of accessories and hoses without risking overcharge tickets.

Truck Mixers

CIFA, undisputed market leader in Italy, renews the RY series dedicated specifically to the Italian market with a new electronic management system. The CSD 2.0 (Constant speed drive) introduces new functions allowing to optimize and to ease the main working phases:

eCSD: Drum rotation in charge/discharge with automatic adjustment of the diesel engine RPMs (abiding safety conditions of N gear and Parking brake active)

MEMORY: Allows to preset a desired charging rotation speed of the drum from the cab panel

FAST-MIXING: Mixing phase controlled by the rear panel

WASHING: During the washing phase the diesel rpms are set for the optimal pressure of the water pump

The CSD 2.0 has already undergone field tests that have reported a fuel saving of 7%-9%.

Moreover some components were upgraded to increase durability and reliability.

Truck Mixer Pumps

CIFA, undisputed market leader for this range of machines, continues in the evolution of the MAGNUM series. At the stand a MK32L will be presented with upgrades in the machine management system, using the Easytronic with LSC (Light Stability Control), a reliable solution to work safely when the 4 outriggers of the machine cannot be extended completely, limiting the safe working area. Moreover the product on the stand will be equipped with the aluminium hose holder option, allowing operators to easily and safely store many hoses on the side rails.

Batching Plants with mixer

CIFA has been producing batching plants since more than 60 years, both stationary and mobile types with hourly production from 30 to 120 m3/h. For the Italian market CIFA renews the focus on the plants equipped with a mixer. In detail the CIFA DNA helicoidal twin-shaft mixers are the optimal solution to obtain a high homogeneity of the mix and operational cost saving.

CIFA, always promoting innovation and high quality, in accordance with UNACEA – the Italian manufacturers association- strongly promotes, and thus makes them the only solution available in its range, WET batching plants (meaning equipped with mixers), because believes it is the only available technology able to guarantee an high quality and constant production standards of concrete

Information on CIFA

CIFA is a full-liner manufacturer of machinery and equipment for concrete work, leader in the Italian market and one of the major players on a global level. Part of the Chinese industrial group Zoomlion since 2008, CIFA is a highly international company with sales and support networks on every continent and able to offer customers, not only a range of reliable and quality products, but also financial support through Zoomlion Capital Financial Services. For more information see our website at HYPERLINK "" \h

CIFA @ Samoter 2017 – Verona 22-25 February

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