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Surge Protectors for LED lighting system : DSLP1-120L and DSLP1-120L/Y

The Type 2 (or 3) AC surge protector DSLP1 range adds 2 new versions : DSLP1-120L and DSLP1-120L/Y.

These versions differ from the existing ones (DSLP1-230L and DSLP1-230L/Y) by the typical AC network => Single phase 120 Vac

DSLP1-120Lx is a AC SPD designed to protect against surge voltages the LED lighting system.


• DSLP1-120L : SPD for Single phase 120 Vac with «1+1» diagram (TT and TN AC systems compliance)

• DSLP1-120L/Y : SPD for Single phase 120 Vac with «Y» diagram (TN AC system compliance)

This device is installed inside the bottom of the lighting pole for 120Vac single-phase network.

Its very compact dimension allows a easy integration with the connection box, on DIN rail .

DSLP1 is based on a efficient association of MOV and GDT components, secured by thermal disconnector and connection indicator.

• Very compact SPD for Class I LED lighting system on 120Vac single-phase network network

• DIN rail mounting

• Discharge currents : In 5kA / Imax 10kA

• Protection level @ In : 1.5/0.7 kV

• Status indication by LED

• Screw terminal connection

• IEC 61643-11 compliance