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Clippard 7mm 2-Way Normally-Closed Electronic Valves

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Clippard is excited to announce the release of a new series of direct

actuating valves that offer an extremely fast response time for accurate dosing of minute volumes with the same long life you expect from the original Clippard EV line of valves, now in a 7mm cartridge


Due to very low moving weights, they are extremely quiet and emit very low vibration. Subminiature size and low energy consumption make them ideal for transportable and mobile systems, among others. The SV series valves can be fully customized according to the user’s unique requirements.

• Small, compact design

• Expected life of over 1 billion cycles

• Extremely small dead volume

• Very quiet and emits very low vibration

• Fast response time

• Low energy consumption

For more information about these valves or any of Clippard’s 5,000 other pneumatic products,

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Clippard Europe S.A.



Clippard 7mm 2-Way Normally-Closed Electronic Valves

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