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Clippard M-DR-2 Precision Diaphragm Regulators

Francis de Ruette
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NEW Diaphragm Regulator

When Clippard invented miniature regulators in 1962, the MAR Series became very

popular as a simple, robust, and cost-effective regulator in a small package with exceptionally long

life. As regulator applications continue to increase, Clippard is meeting the demand with the newest

addition to the reputable regulator line. The new M-DR-2 Series provides greater accuracy and repeatability

(±7 mbar) while maintaining the same flow and performance characteristics as the MAR

regulators in a small, sleek package.

Regulators are offered in either relieving or non-relieving versions. The relieving design maintains a

constant pressure output even when downstream conditions change, while non-relieving regulators

do not automatically compensate for changes in downstream flow or pressure. There is no vent to

atmosphere, as in a relieving type regulator, and the output pressure can increase due to a downstream


• Design for applications where zero air consumption is required (non-bleed)

• Special diaphragm seal provides excellent accuracy and repeatability

• Excellent corrosion resistance

• Relieving and non-relieving designs

• Manifold mount option

• Features non-rising internal adjustment

• ISO 9001:2008

For more information about these regulators or any of Clippard’s 5,000 other pneumatic

products, call + or visit

Clippard Europe S.A.

Louvain-la-Neuve (BELGIUM)


Clippard M-DR-2 Precision Diaphragm Regulators

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