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60 Years of Passion for Industrial Doors

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1959 – 2019

60 years have passed since that June 1959, but the tonality of yellow first and then of orange, which distinguish the social colors of the company, are more and more lively and brilliant. 60 years of passion for industrial closure. An important anniversary that the company wants to celebrate by recalling its history of intelligence and courage to change and adapt to market demand.

Born from the experience of the founder, Giuliano Miraglia, in the sector of aluminum doors, has worked over the years to offer appropriate solutions to facilitate the flow of vehicles, goods and people in order to ensure maximun productivity and safety in industrial plants and to meet the need of commercial buildings .

To celebrate this important milestone, the company has created a restyling of its communication, starting with an update of the logo. The ample and futuristic character is based on rounded squares with clean curves. As an integral part of the growth strategy and acquisition of new customers locally and internationally, also based on digital investments, the website has a new graphics and constantly updated content.

The wood of memories

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the company, COIL decided to join the project “The wood of memories”, a memory for life in the Groane Park (*).

The project has two main aims: the first purpose is to improve the state of the environment increasing the wooded area along the exhisting rivers, in order to rebuild natural habitats and ecosystems of the park. The second purpose is to protect the environment and improve the quality of human life by soaking up pollution and dust from the air, the plants will absorb over 210 thousand Kg of Co2 per year.

Cherry trees, symbol of rebirth and auspiciousness, Tilia trees, symbol of longevity and Quercus petraea, symbol of power and strength, are the COIL plants that will grow in the Groane Park. A small gesture towards protecting the environment in which the company has been rooted for 60 years.

(*) Groane is a regional park in Lombardy established in 1976. It covers an area of 8,249 hectares in the north-west part of the metropilitan area of Milan. The name derives from the local historical name of the moors, called groane. The park has a rich fauna and flora, with elements of geological interest and contains numerous historically valuable sites and industrial archeology.

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COIL 60 years anniversary
COIL 60 years anniversary

60 anni di passione per le chiusure industriali

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