Ride-on scrubber dryer with a capacity of 70 l

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The discovery for working while seated: ARA 66|BM 70

The compact ride-on scrubber dryer for professional cleaning, the ARA 66|BM 70, was developed for efficient work on smaller and medium-sized surfaces. A special feature is its long seat where everyone can find the right ergonomic position to work in a relaxed and effortless manner. The cockpit is open at both sides and enables easy mounting from both, left and right, as well as quick, flexible operation.

Additional plus points of the new ride-on scrubber dryer with its capacity of 70 l, are already proven features in the columbus walk-behind scrubber dryers series. The adaptive brush system which sits flat on the floor even on bumpy surfaces, the patented mounting system which allows brushes and pad holders to spin on and spin off at the press of a button and last but not least, the arc-shaped squeegee tool with patented mounting system. It adapts actively to the movements of the machine and collects dirty water without leaving any residue even around tight corners.

With a total length of 138 cm, the ARA 66|BM 70 fits into all modern lifts while, with a width of 85 cm, doors can be passed through without a problem, and even tight checkout areas can be thoroughly cleaned. The ride-on scrubber dryer has a small turning radius of 165 cm, offers good all-around visibility and a simple control panel with just a few self-explanatory elements. Typical of columbus: robust and electric solutions instead of electronics.

For long working times of up to four hours, the ride-on scrubber dryer can be equipped with 180 Ah 5 maintenance free batteries.

Ride-on scrubber dryer with a capacity of 70 l

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