hygiene plus from Colombus: noBAC®

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But in hospitals, homes for the elderly, canteens and food production facilities the demands can only be met by means of consistent, systematic hygiene management. This is where columbus now comes in with its scrubber dryers with the noBAC® system. To showcase this new feature, the Stuttgart-based company presented its first noBAC® machine, the RA 66|BM 60. It will be recognisable by its fresh and clean white tank.

noBAC® – additive with 99.9% antibacterial effect

The noBAC® brand name – which has already been registered – refers to solution and recovery tanks made from a special blend of materials. Polyethylene is enriched with an antibacterial, inorganic additive which works from the inside out and reliably prevents microbial growth in micro-fissures, dead spots and rough surfaces. Bacteria find nowhere to breed, cannot multiply, and die off.

The results of an independent laboratory test showed just how well noBAC® works. Its blend of materials has been tested in relation to the bacteria strains Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), as stipulated by ISO 22196. The result measured after three days confirmed the system''s efficiency: bacteria strains were reduced by 99.9%.

noBAC® – new name, clear and lasting benefits

The first and most important benefit of scrubber dryers fitted with the noBAC® system is greatly improved hygiene in solution and recovery tanks – both inside and outside. Another major benefit with regard to economy is that noBAC® does not have a use-by date – it works for the entire lifespan of a tank, which means it''s perfectly suited to the longevity of columbus'' toughly built scrubber dryers. This combination of polyethylene and additive is both food-safe and compatible with every cleaning chemical – there are no interactions. noBAC® is safe to use and also protects cleaning personnel against contact with high-risk bacteria. It even benefits the environment: the production, use and recycling of the tanks does not damage the environment at any point.

These antibacterial solution and recovery tanks are immediately available for columbus walk behind scrubber dryers in the 40 and 60 litre categories. Further models on request.

hygiene plus from Colombus: noBAC®

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