Discover ‘small but potent'': RA 43 | B 20

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The walk-behind unit in its standard version with integrated 13 A charger and powerful 76 Ah gel batteries can work uninterrupted for up to 2.5 hours. A version with 55 Ah OPTIMA® batteries and a 30 A fast-charging device is available for flexible, whole-day use with interim charging. The RA 43 | B 20 produces a low noise level of 63 dB A, and the optional silent version is as quiet as 59 dB A.

The whole design of this little walk-behind machine focuses on agile, flexible work: a 20 litre solution and a 23 litre recovery tank economise space by integrating into a space measuring 76 centimetres long by 53 centimetres high. This single-axle scrubber dryer is as agile and comfortable to wheel from one job to the next as a twin-axle unit: a foot-pedal lowers a transport wheel, taking the brush unit away from contact from the floor. This makes the machine really easy to roll, and takes the load off the brush when you store it, allowing it to dry properly.

There are other components developed by columbus and field-tested which add to the benefits of this 20 litre walk-behind machine. Firstly the patented mounting system which picks up and puts down the brush and pad holder quickly, easily and hygienically – simply by operating the handle. A suction nozzle positioned very near to the back of the machine, and featuring a patented suspension system, sucks up liquids perfectly, even in corners.

Service and cleaning of the machine is also an easy matter. The recovery tank can be completely removed without tools, providing easy access to batteries and other components inside, while cleaning and disinfection are quick and thorough thanks to large openings. This – like the quick-change lid seal – is in line with the requirements of HACCP. The recovery tank is designed in such a way that it can be tipped back and held in position in one move. This allows dirty water to be emptied through the dirty water drain hose, directly and down to the last drop into the sink, even as high as 50 cm.

Discover ‘small but potent'': RA 43 | B 20

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