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ComNav Technology Ltd. introduced the U702 Datalink Module for High-Precision Robotic Solutions

A compact design for GNSS integrations

ComNav Technology Ltd. announced the release of its new U702 datalink module, designed for high-precision robotic applications.

The U702 datalink module works in both TX and RX mode, allowing for flexibility and fast data transmission. Incorporated with LoRa modulation technology, U702 can work with high reliability and robustness even in harsh environments, which can maximally increase the reception of data, resulting in more stable high precision results.Additionally, LoRa technology uses advanced modulation techniques to ensure it work in long range from 0.8km to 1.5km and low power consumption, making it suitable for consumer applications.


  • Cheng Liu Zhong Lu, Jia Ding Qu, China, 201821
  • ComNav Technology Ltd.