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ComNav Unveils the New Product LS300 Laser Scanner

Precision Mobility, 3D Mapping Innovation

On November 23, 2023, in Shanghai, China, ComNav Technology LTD. (ComNav) proudly announces the launch of a brand-new product, the LS300 3D laser scanner. The introduction of this new product enriches ComNav's product portfolio, providing users with innovative tools to meet the evolving market demands.

The LS300 is an exceptional laser scanning system with remarkable performance and several features. It utilizes SLAM technology (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), an advanced real-time positioning and mapping technique. It operates autonomously, independent of GNSS positioning, making it suitable for various environments, whether indoor or outdoor.It boasts impressive specifications, including a 120-meter working range and a high sampling rate of 0.32 million points per second. The point cloud accuracy can reach 1.0 centimeter, especially excelling in low reflectivity extended-range mode.

Moreover,it demonstrates robust compatibility with specialized kits, including the handheld, backpack kit, car mount kit, and dorne kit, enhance its adaptability. Its high precision and compatibility make it suitable for various application fields, including smart city, digitization of underground facilities, geology, surveying, and mapping, agriculture, forestry, mining.

By using data processing software specifically designed and developed for the LS series by ComNav, users can handle large volumes of point cloud data and simplify complex tasks, including point cloud denoising, point cloud splicing, shadow rendering, coordinate transformation, automatic horizontal plane fitting, automatic point cloud data report generation, forward photography, and point cloud encapsulation.

To explore further information about the LS300 and the powerful features of this post-processing software, please contact us!


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