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Reliable Solution of Cubic In-Situ Laser Process Gas Analyzer Applied in Converter

How Cubic TDLAS Oxygen Analyzer Enhances Safety During the Converter Gas Recovery Process?

During the process of steelmaking in the Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF, also known as a converter), a large amount of high-temperature gas, referred to as converter gas, is produced as a by-product in converting liquid iron into steel. The recovery of converter gas has been recognized as a crucial process, as its reuse contributes to decreasing environmental impact and reducing fuel costs. Converter gas, rich in carbon monoxide, generally compromises approximately 56-70% CO, 15-21% CO2, 12-20% N2, as well as small amount of H2 and CH4. Capturing and reusing converter gas as a substitute fuel in metallurgical furnaces instead of natural gas offers an innovative approach to minimizing harmful gas emissions and lessening reliance on external fuel sources, leading to substantial energy conservation and economic benefits. However, ensuring safety is critical when seeking to effectively utilize converter gas, as it is highly explosive. Therefore, meticulous monitoring of oxygen concentration during operation is crucial.

With conventional oxygen analyzer, oxygen concentration is obtained through a sampling and adjustment system to recover flue gas. Consequently, this process is susceptible to issues including long response time in measurements, as well as maintenance and operational expenses of the sampling system. Acknowledging the challenges, Cubic, a leading manufacturer of gas analyzers, adopted the mature technology platform of Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS), and innovatively developed in-situ laser process gas analyzer GasTDL-3100 as a reliable solution for oxygen concentration measurement during converter gas recovery process.

Leveraging the highly selective optical measuring principle of TDLAS, GasTDL-3100 enables precise measurement of oxygen concentration without being affected by cross-interference from other gas components in converters, ensuring consistently reliable results in harsh measurement environments. Its in-situ design enables GasTDL-3100 to conduct in place measurements directly, with a high-speed response time of less than 4 seconds. The continuous real-time oxygen gas measurement feature of GasTDL-3100 not only reduces the risk of explosion but also enhances the gas recovery rate. Additionally, the robust design of GasTDL-3100, which lacks consumable or moving parts, eliminates extra maintenance costs and ensures a long product lifetime.

The remarkable features of Cubic in-situ laser process gas analyzer GasTDL-3100:

- High selectivity, no cross-interference.

- Fast response, T90≤4s.

- In-situ installation, no sampling or conditioning required.

- Capable of measuring various gases, including O2, CO, CO2, CH4, H2, H2S, NH3, HF, HCL, etc.

- Explosion-proof, Exd II CT6 certified.

- Reliable in harsh measurement environments.

- No consumables, no moving parts, and long lifetime.

With the advantages of high precision, rapid response, and no requirements for consumables, GasTDL-3100 is a reliable solution for the converter gas recovery process. Its capability of improving production efficient and ensuring safe production makes GasTDL-3100 well-suited for application within the steel-making industry.

Besides converter, GasTDL-3100 can also be used in many other steel-making process. For more information, please contact us!


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