Cygnus Operations: Adapting with Positivity and Good Humour

Cygnus Instruments
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With patience and flexibility, the Cygnus Operations Team is continuing to function – while upholding all COVID-19 safety measures. And, incredibly, all product continues to be dispatched on time.

Counter to all the leaps forward we have made in smoothing and improving our processes since 2017, we are now willingly and eagerly building inefficiencies back in to the Cygnus operation. This is MUCH to the dismay of our Ops Director Wayne Brown – and is of course most amusing for his team!

But jokes aside, the Ops Team are going to great lengths every day to keep Cygnus running: early morning stock-picking shifts; assembly in solitary confinement; taking long routes round the outside of the building with stock in hand to keep up the social-distancing rules; mastering the art of taping packages with nitrile gloves on.

A huge thanks to Wayne and his team for carrying on running the show with the utmost professionalism and perhaps more importantly right now, with a great sense of humour.

None of this is easy – and who knows what April will bring – but we’re all very proud of the willingness in Cygnus to get through this extraordinary period, keeping the business fully operational under these unprecedented conditions.

We are extremely grateful to our suppliers for adapting as we have and maintaining the flow of raw materials in to us. And we are indebted to the couriers who continue to arrive daily to ship Cygnus products out.

Cygnus Operations: Adapting with Positivity and Good Humour

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