Darveen Industrial Panel PC for Ultrasonic Welding Equipment

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Darveen DPC-5170 work as an information module for ultrasonic welding equipment . Through the serial port two scanning guns are connected with DPC-5170 to perform code scan of LED lights and shell plastic parts, record products information.

The user is an auto parts manufacturing plant, where MES system was introduced very early ,and All parts‘information, production process are in strict control. The user requires products information acquisition function for all automated ultrasonic welding equipment on the production line and require modification of the equipment parameters in real time through remote management software installed in industrial panel pc.

Ultrasonic welding equipment is mainly used for the secondary connection of thermoplastics, compared with other traditional processes (such as adhesion, heat sealing or screw tightening, etc.). The equipment has high production efficiency, good welding quality and are environmental friendly , energy saving as well as other significant advantages. The user adopts Daveen Industrial Panel PC DPC-5170 as an information acquisition unit and control software maintenance interface for ultrasonic welding equipment that perfectly satisfy user’s needs.

Darveen Industrial Panel PC for Ultrasonic Welding Equipment

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