GP Gear volumetric pumps

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For high precision dispensing

GP gear pumps are high precision dispensing pumps, in fact thanks to the extreme precision of the internal components it is possible to guarantee accuracy and repeatability of flow over time even in the most extreme conditions. The pumps, with martensitic stainless steel body, are designed to withstand medium-high pressures at temperatures no higher than 120 ° C. Allow dispensing medium to high viscosity fluids. The martensitic stainless steel body together with other construction features ensures greater pump solidity.

The pump is typically composed of a central body, called the diaphragm, in which the gears are housed: conductor and conduit. The first is connected to the drive shaft, which receives motion from the gearmotor. Two plates (internal and external) act as a closure and containment. Through the rotation of the drive shaft, the driving gear meshing with the duct is moved, the fluid contained in the space between the teeth is pushed to the discharge chamber ensuring the required flow rate.

Main advantages:

Various sizes to allow the perfect choice for any application

Martensitic steel body for greater pump solidity

Dispensing not influenced by temperature and viscosity variations

Possibility of dispensing loaded materials without wear problems

Simple maintenance thanks to the design of the pump

Sector of application:

Silicones Dispensing

Fat Dispensing

Resins Dispensing

Colle Dispensing

Oils Dispensing

Medium-high viscosity fluids

GP Gear volumetric pumps
GP Gear volumetric pumps

GP gear volumetric pumps

Medium to high viscosity fluid volumetric dispensing with adjustable flow, managed through smart motion controller.

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