PDP 2K Volumetric Pumps

Andrea Grazioli
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The top of innovation for controlled and precision dispensing of Bi-Component fluids.

PDP volumetric pumps are innovative, compact, versatile and precise dispensing systems for bi-component fluids.

The special screw pump allows a controlled dispensing for 2k fluids.

The system offers greater efficiency, repeatability and versatility than any piston or gear pump system. The mixing ratio and the delivered volume can be set at any time without mechanical interventions and depend on the number of revolutions and the rotor rotation speed.

The mechanical qualities of the PDP pumps ensure extremely high metering precision without being influenced by the pressure of the inlet fluid, the viscosity and the temperature of the material;

Controlled by a Controller, with a "memory" function on 15 channels that can recall up to 15 different programs, through its software it allows you to set and monitor all the dispensing parameters and thanks to the external interface it is possible to connect via a PLC for remote control.

The pumps are driven by a gearmotor with encoder and allow the volumetric distribution in strips, drops or the filling of a determined volume with maximum precision.


Pump outlet pressure control system to monitor any hardening of the resin or catalyst.

Possibility to couple pumps with different flow rates to get closer to the required ratio between resin and hardener.

Main advantages:

Maximum dispensing precision

Dispensing not influenced by temperature and viscosity variations

Possibility to dispense loaded materials without wear problems

Simple maintenance thanks to the pump design

Possibility to dispense loaded materials without wear problems

"Suck back" function to avoid dripping

Quick startup thanks to the programs preset in the Controller

Special versions available with pressure control A-B

PDP 2K Volumetric Pumps
PDP 2K Volumetric Pumps

The metering pumps for 2k fluid manage with the highest precision the proportioning and the mixing between resin and hardner, and with the controller allow to monitor in real time all the process parameters.

2K resin dispensing cell

Robotic seal for polyurethane resin volumetric dispensing. Transfer system from the original drums to the pressurized feeding system.

Bergquist Gap Filler 1500 - volumetric dispensing

Bergquist Gap Filler 1500 thermal management paste volumetric dispensing demo. Using DAV Tech PDP pumps is possible to have an accurate, clean, reliable and consistent dispensing process.

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