Volumetric greasing

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Total process control with extremely accurate results!

The development of greases with ever higher performance has led to a more effective and adjustable lubricants dispensing request.

The DAV Tech volumetric dispensing systems allow different types of dispense such as greases of NLGI 000 up to NLGI 4 consistency, PTFE greases, silicone greases, thermo-conductive, damping, Pao, greases for electrical contacts, dispensing of anti-seize agents pastes, copper, graphite and molybdenum disulfide pastes and NSF approved greases.

How can grease feeding take place?

No type of feeding can be a problem, as it is possible to design the pressing plate based on the size of the container chosen. In fact, feeding can be made from: 400cc cartridges, 1-2kg cans, 5, 10, 20, 50 or 200 kg drums.

Upon request, it is also possible to create detection and bleeding systems for air bubbles present in the fat.

The grease dispensing is performed by volumetric valves that make the whole process stable. In fact, external parameters such as fluid viscosity, pressure or temperature do not influence its performance.

How to use volumetric valves?

The volumetric valves can be integrated with various accessories and systems such as nozzles and customized fittings for multi-point metering, spray terminals that allow the creation of a film of product under various conditions (for example in radial, conical, cylindrical and many other metering), sensors for objectifying the filling / emptying of the volumetric chamber, special versions for 'jet' contactless dispensing, special versions for dispensing / spraying radially in grease and handles with electric or pneumatic switches for an easy management of the manual process.

The grease dispensing systems, therefore, are very adaptable to manual stations and automatic machines, to obtain repeatable and objective dispensing.

volumetric greasing
volumetric greasing

volumetric greasing

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