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Sealing volumetric dispensing

PCP volumetric pumps and the gear volumetric pumps GP

The sealing of flanges, engine cases, turbines and other mechanical components is a process that should not be overlooked. The importance of this phase consists precisely in finding the right dispensing amount, to prevent any leaks or contaminations due to a scarce or too abundant dispensing, and this requires a great care.

Depending on the various cases, the sealant can be removed from 310 cc cartridges or from 20 to 200 kg drums. Thanks to level sensors, it is possible to monitor the consumption and prepare the change, or alternatively to switch the system on another container, to carry out the replacement without any production stop. The sealant is then brought, at low or high pressure, to the volumetric dispensing system.

Which type of plant is the most effective?

DAV Tech offers the realization with two types: the PCP volumetric pumps and the gear volumetric pumps GP.

The PCP volumetric pump allows precise and repeatable dispensing, without being influenced by the pressure, viscosity, and temperature of the fluid. The compact size and low weight of the pump allow its assembly directly on the robot arm. In addition, the suck back function will allow, by reversing the rotation of the motor, to avoid any dripping.

Instead, the gear volumetric pump GP allows feeding of high viscosity products even at very high pressure, with high flow rates and in the most extreme conditions. The dispensing is precise and controllable, without conditioning due to the fluid’s temperature and pressure.

For both the volumetric pumps all the parameters are managed through the dedicated controller, easily interfaced to a PLC or robot, or through a panel driver that controls their operations.

If well designed, the dispensing of silicone and polyurethane sealants in the mechanical assembly process will no longer be a problem.

Sealing volumetric dispensing


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