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Conductive ink dispensing

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Electronic circuits design revolution

Conductive inks consist of a suspension of highly conductive material (typically silver) in an evaporable solvent. Their use has revolutionized the design of electronic circuits thanks to a dispensation suitable on any surface, even flexible, and production on a very small batch.

Why is it complex to apply this dispensation?

There are several problems that may arise by using these conductive inks: the variation in viscosity from one batch to another, the separation between solvent and conductive particles, solvent evaporation, the abrasiveness of conductive particles and low viscosity.

What is the ideal solution?

A reliable and repeatable dispensation can be obtained with PCP DAV Tech progressive cavity pumps. Their operation is based on the controlled rotation of a rotor inside a stator, which "pushes" the fluid in a controlled way up to the nozzle. On the other hand, the inversion of the rotation allows a suck back effect, making the process even more accurate at the end of the dispensing.

Where are conductive inks used?

This type of dispensation is widely used in the automotive sector, in flexible resistors, in the medical sector, in the sports field, in RFID tags and in the production of displays and Oleds.

Conductive ink dispensing
Conductive ink dispensing

Conductive ink dispensing system

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