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Contactless Oil Dispensing

Our no-contact dispensing systems allow high-frequency dispensing of micro-drops of oil, without contact.

Dispensing very small quantities of oil with extreme precision is often a necessity in the automotive industry but also in other areas; it is important that this operation happens in a precise way without the risk of contaminating the surrounding areas.

By using DAV Tech contactless dispensing systems, it is guaranteed a high-frequency dispensing of micro-drops of oil, without contact.

Equal to the micro-spraying systems, this application methodology allows to cover with extreme precision the areas where lubrification is needed, without leaving traces in the surrounding areas.

The right technology

For this type of processing, DAV Tech offers its DAJ 100 electromagnetic valve. Thanks to the electromagnetic operation of this valve and its controller, on which you can set the dispensing frequency, it is possible to manage the opening and closing times of the needle, reaching theoretical frequencies of 350 pulses per second.

What are the other advantages?

A greater tolerance in component positioning is an added benefit of the contactless dispensing.

Oil Jet dispensing


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