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Dispensing of 1K epoxy resins

DAV Tech PCP volumetric pumps: the best solution!

The dispensing of mono-component epoxy resins is used for various sectors for which an electro-mechanical assembly of components is envisaged, with the purpose in particular of sealing / gluing the latter; from the bonding of magnets, to the impregnation of structural components of the composite, from the incorporation of electronic components to the fixing of parts in different materials.

Being a resin with medium-high viscosity, which allows various assembled components to work under very severe environmental conditions thanks to its chemical composition (often loaded to obtain special characteristics), its dispensing with dosing systems is not a process to be underestimate.

DAV Tech PCP volumetric pumps are the ideal solution, PCP progressive cavity pumps, in fact, probably represent the highest innovation in terms of reliability and resistance.

Reliability because being volumetric systems, they are completely indifferent to changes in pressure, working temperature and viscosity of the resin. Their technology, in fact, comparable to an auger and / or the principle of the Archimedes screw, allows you to move defined, constant and repeatable quantities of product within the volumetric chambers generated between rotor and stator; if we add to this the rotor rotation control via electric motor and encoder, it is possible to define at will the quantities you want to dispense and the time you want to do it with the appropriate controller for PCP pumps.

Resistance because thanks to their design DAV Tech PCP pumps are very versatile, also in terms of construction material; in the event that the epoxy resin is loaded with solid particles that give it special chemical properties, for example, it is possible to use rotors in wear-resistant material, in carbide or in ceramic.

Even the power supply unit of these pumps can be chosen with extreme freedom depending on the use and how much epoxy resin you need to dispense, even if you want to use a pressurized pre-filled syringe or standard SEMCO cartridge of the most disparate sizes) . Through the pressurized cartridge holder, it is possible to feed the dispensing PCP pump, obtaining a completely controlled process from upstream to downstream thanks also to the monitoring of the minimum level of the cartridge (or syringe) that DAV Tech develops for its dosing systems, thus avoiding downtime or the formation of air bubbles due to the exhaustion of the product, which could obviously affect the effectiveness of the dispensing.

Even in the case of massive productions, with the use of 5, 20 or 200 kg drums, in the DAV Tech product portfolio you can find the most suitable solution for dispensing needs.

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