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Silica dust is not jus tdust 




The #Problem

Workers who are exposed to respirable #crystalline #silica #dust are at an increased risk of developing serious silica-related diseases. Recently updated #OSHA standards require employers to take steps to protect workers from exposure to respirable crystalline silica. When this became law, we were approached by a granite counter-top manufacturer to provide a compliance solution.

The #Solution

We took the measurements of a workshop where five people were cutting and sanding several types of material, mostly granite. #Silica dust is generated during these processes, so containing the dust was going to be a challenge. We also suggested the Depureco Bull Uno HEPA vacuum to clean up the heavier particles that would land on the floor, and additionally recommended the use of proper breathing masks. With five people sanding that the same time, we were able to eliminate upwards of 99,5% of airborne dust. The #HEPA vacs were also used at the end of each shift for a final cleanup.

The customer was very happy with the solutions provided, and their local health and safety officer even recommended it for all future projects. The customer reported a safer and more productive working environment, Thanks also to our M CLASS standard #filter ----


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