VirBuster 20000A

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Ozone generator 20 000 mg / h, electronic timer

Our ozone generator with an output of 20 g O3 per hour is a very powerful weapon against viruses and odors. We recommend using VirBuster 20000E in hospitals, health centers, nursing homes, doctor's waiting rooms and medical facilities, because there are particularly vulnerable to the risk of viral infections. We recommend using VirBuster 20000 in cinemas and theaters, too. Thanks to the high performance, spaces of similar dimensions can be disinfected in a relatively short time and thus do not disrupt the operation of the equipment. The hour cycle can be repeated several times with breaks, so that even really large spaces are perfectly cleaned of all viruses and odors.

Ozone generator VirBuster 20000E
Ozone generator VirBuster 20000E

Detail of ozone generator VirBuster