Gear pump - Silencer Serie - 1000 ml/l - BLDC Motor

Diener Precision Pumps Ltd
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These quality gear pumps are used in a wide range of applications, from critical medical devices to ink jet printing; from laboratory analysis equipment to water purification systems; all superbly manufactured to the highest possible standards. Tests show that the consistency of our product performance is second to none, which makes DPP the first choice for very low pulse-less flow or low noise application requirements.

All DPP pumps are customized to suit your requirements: this information represents one of the possibilities.

The Silencer series is simple, leak-free, chemically inert, reliable and economical.

1000ml/min & 1500 ml/min; max. intermittent pressure: 6 bar; BLDC Motor AND Integrated Motor Control.

• Magnetically Coupled: No seal leaks

• Low Power Consumption: Very little heat transfer to fluid

• Inert Construction Materials: Compatible with wide range of fluids

• Compact: BLDC motor is incorporated into the pump

• Extremely Quiet: Ideal for OEM equipment

• 24 volt BLDC motor: long life and maintenance-free

• Large diameter porting is ideal for higher viscosity fluids

• Integrated motor controller for simplified operation

• Pulse-less Flow: Smooth flow delivery

Gear pump - Silencer Serie - 1000 ml/l - BLDC Motor

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