SPONSORED. HGTECH Marvel Plus Series: Making Cutting Simple and Efficient

Daniel Hong
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HGTECH is dedicated to delivering highly efficient and cost-effective laser cutting solutions to customers all over the world. We stand out with advanced technologies, integrated structural design and a self-developed system which enables us to meet various cutting needs for different materials and thicknesses.

The Marvel Plus series is HGTECH’s latest fiber laser cutting machine, with middle power and high power options. It includes the world’s leading Raycus laser source with a 5-year warranty and new generation CNC system, which significantly advances cutting and piercing efficiency.

Marvel Plus is built with a double-driven gantry structure using aerospace-grade pressure-resistant aluminum alloy crossbeams and a patented hollow bed where it can execute all cutting movements smoothly and stably even under a double load. It is also equipped with high-precision linear guide rails and other high-precision and efficient transmission mechanisms, which ensure good rigidity and the precision of long-term operations.

In addition to excellent cutting stability, Marvel Plus also offers first-class cutting quality and cost-effective performance. The high speed response laser power changing ensures quality cutting of both normal and sharp corners. The cutting head is equipped with collision avoidance thus reducing the high cost of head repairing. And the real-time adjustment of the focal point helps to solve the issue of quality decreases caused by long time performance. With the adoption of professional industrial cameras and intelligent software of automatic edge finding for multiple sheets, Marvel Plus also significantly enhances the accuracy and efficiency of edge finding.

The new Farley A2300 bus control system applied to Marvel Plus possesses an expert-level processing database containing various parameters and processing modes that can be directly utilized for manufacturing. It also enables automatic nozzle change and fast material loading, freeing the operator from vast manual operations. To improve productivity and safety during operations, the real-time status of core components, cutting speed, power and other parameters are presented on the interface. Additionally, the intelligent cloud platform can be applied to associated multi-equipment, where the operator can perform production management, remote monitoring, profile sharing, etc.

In keeping with HGTECH’s tradition, Marvel Plus also offers excellent technical support and after-sales service for a wide range of applications and industries. It is equipped with a remote diagnostic system, where professional after-sales engineers are ready to solve any problem at any time. Worldwide service outlets ensure timely responses to customers.

SPONSORED. HGTECH Marvel Plus Series: Making Cutting Simple and Efficient

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