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Newly developed banding line for flexible packages

Double-heads banding line

In our packing process, we always need to put several products in one bundle. It's not only for better storage and transportation, but also a good way for product promotion.

Traditional packing way for those promotion products is using adhesive tape, wrap several products in one bundle. For users, when we buy this kind of products home, we have to cut the tape with scissors or knives, then tear the tape from the packages. No matter how you tear it, some glue will stick on the surface of the outside packages and also your fingers. That feeling is really not good.

Our double-head banding line can be connected with packing line, banding right after flexible packing.No glue left on the outside packages.You can tear it easily, it's really so friendly for users. Most importantly, you can choose opp film or paper tape, banding with less raw material, save a lot your cost.

Tell us your requires, we can find the suitable solution for you!

Banding machine for flexible products


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