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Progressive lubrication of material handling

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Customised lubrication system for port crane

Our ability to develop solutions suitable for use in various applications and our widespread presence abroad have allowed us to intervene promptly and to develop a lubrication system capable of meeting customer requirements.

On this occasion, DropsA has made its experience and knowledge available to a company operating in the steel industry for the purpose of installing a lubrication system on a port crane built in Bilbao, thanks to the intervention of our new local assistance in Barcelona.

Port cranes are large structures used in ports for the disembarkation and the embarkation of goods and special materials of very high weight that are designed for industrial application. The high work intensity to which they are subjected for displacements makes it necessary to install a system that is able to lubricate the components that are stressed during movement.

An efficient, flexible system

After a careful analysis of the problems, it was installed a progressive system with Mini Sumo pump and SMX stainless steel progressive dividers AISI 316, that allows to provide a metered dispensing of grease to each point and automatize the lubrication process of several points, at the same time taking advantage of flexibility in being able to add or remove lubrication points in the middle of the installation. For the occasion where used omponents tested for application in an environment with difficult conditions such as that of seawater.

This type of lubrication system has made it possible to maximise the efficiency of the entire structure. This is thanks to a system that is able to supply the correct amount of grease for lubrication of the bearings, which are far from one another and located in difficult to reach positions such as the crane boom, also making it possible to use the electronic controls to ensure correct lubrication process performance thanks to our Ultrasensor II stainless steel AISI 316.

Port crane
Port crane

Customised lubrication system for port crane

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