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New PoliPUMP-Eco

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The easy to use solution for multi-point lubrication

PoliPUMP-Eco represents the convenient and easy to use solution designed for the lubrication of multi-point systems. In fact, thanks to the notably easy installation, in just a few steps, it is possible to obtain an automatic system capable of lubricating up to a maximum of 36 points.

Managing the features is also immediate, thanks to the external PLC with which it is possible to easily set the desired lubrication cycle, and thanks to the transparent reservoir that makes the lubricant level immediately visible without the need to use a sensor.

The use of the PoliPUMP-Eco pump is ideal for all devices or machinery that require lubrication of multiple points, and the different versions available make it suitable for the different application needs.

PoliPUMP-Eco was designed based on the characteristics of the already existing PoliPUMP, with some variations that make its use even more immediate in order to let the user easily take full advantage of its maximum performance and reach the desired production results more quickly.

New PoliPUMP-Eco
New PoliPUMP-Eco

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