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Lubrication solutions for earth-moving machines

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Lubrication systems for maximum operation in harsh conditions

The earth-moving machines are normally used to perform excavation, loading, transport and levelling operations of geological material quickly and efficiently.

They consist of a moving machine body, on trucks or on rubber, and possibly a rotating unit and the functional unit, for digging or moving/loading the soil.

These types of machines operate in difficult environmental conditions, characterized by the presence of debris, dust, contaminants, icy and dump soils. This means that although they operate at low speeds, they are constantly subject to very high workloads that subject mechanical components to an intense pressure.

Why install an automatic lubrication system?

In the face of these pitfalls, it is essential to always ensure the maximum operation of the machines, eliminating the risk of unexpected downtime and carrying out punctually an adequate maintenance, which is very important for the perfect operation of earth-moving machines.

How can we achieve this? The secret is to install an automatic lubrication system able to provide the right amount of lubricant to the machine components, such as bearings and wheel gears.

It is always important to analyse and consider the type and the activities in which the machine is used, to be able to design the best plant and determine which type of lubrication is the most suitable to achieve the best results.

In the case of earth-moving machines, such as mining trucks, excavators, cranes, wheel loaders, is necessary a grease lubrication system, that has an ideal consistency and viscosity to wrap the components and protect them from debris, reducing the wear caused by the high mechanical effort guaranteeing maximum machines operation in harsh environmental conditions.

The benefits of earth-moving machines lubrication

The benefits that can be gained from the installation of a lubrication system on earth-moving machines are multiple:

- Drastic reduction of the risk of downtime, which could negative affect on production, and significantly reduction of costs and maintenance times.

- General increase in productivity.

- The lubrication system allows right amount of lubricant to be distributed directly to the lubrication points and in total safety.

In the earth-moving machines the points to lubricate are often in difficult positions and therefore difficult to access and dangerous. Thanks to the installation of a lubrication system, the intervention of the operator is reduced, who must only position the pumps in external and comfortable points.

- Reduction of the waste thanks to the progressive distribution of lubricant in every parts of the machine, and reduction of environmental impact, resulting in lower disposal costs.

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Automatic lubrication for earth-moving machines
Automatic lubrication for earth-moving machines

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