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Lubrication systems for the paper and wood industry

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Discover the lubrication system for machinery used in the paper and wood sector

The paper and wood sector represent an industrial compartment which many materials used in our everyday life come from.

We think trivially about the sheets and all the types of paper we write on, or the furniture and wooden objects that we have in our homes: all items that show just how important and productive this sector is.

Paper and wood processing

To obtain the finished paper product, a series of processes are required which start from the paste phase of the raw material, namely cellulose, and subsequent processes to finally obtain a sheet of paper which, in the final phase, undergoes treatments in order to be ready for preparation and packaging.

The same is true for the products obtained from wood, a material that undergoes an initial transformation of the raw material into a semi-finished product and subsequently a further transformation of the

latter into a finished product.

These numerous processes imply the use of different industrial machinery, for which a lubrication system plays a role of primary importance in order to meet the requirements of each process, favouring a successful result.

Lubrication of paper mills

A paper mill is the machinery use to obtain paper through the processing of cellulose. During this process, the material passes through a series of rollers which give thickness and dry the material.

During scrolling, the continuous motion of the rollers causes heavy stress on the bearings, which require the correct quantity of oil or grease in order to favour the continuous rotating motion and passing of the material, at the same time reducing the heating of the components in question.

For this machinery, special lubrication units have been designed to be used based on the different speeds at which the bearings operate.

The oil recirculation units are used when the bearings operate at high speeds, in such a way so that the oil acts not only as a lubricant, but also to eliminate the heat generated by the bearing or the lubricated area.

When, on the other hand, the bearing speed is not high, oil recirculation is not necessary, but only correct lubrication of the points.

To achieve this goal, oil control units are necessary which take the lubricant to the progressive or dual-line dividers and then to the final points.

The units can be personalised on the different components, like the reservoir, filters and pumping units, based on the machinery’s application needs.

Lubrication of CNC machines for wood working

In the wood sector, on the other hand, work centres (CNC) are used which represent the evolution of the classic tool machine and they are able to cut, drill and profile wood to obtain the finished product.

This machinery is made up of various components and moving parts that require a specific type of lubrication.

In fact, for the bearings that are stressed at high intensity, oil lubrication is recommended, which adapts to the high operating speeds and acts, not only as a lubricant, but also as an agent that lowers the temperature generated by the friction between the parts.

For the other components, like linear guides, slides and racks, grease lubrication is needed which, being more dense, is ideal for favouring the movement of the parts without the risk of stoppages.

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Lubrication systems for the paper and wood industry
Lubrication systems for the paper and wood industry

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